Tibet’s Arts of Happiness

The idea of the above-mentioned theme for this year is because His Holiness the Dalai Lama turns 80 on the 4th of July, but it is also the TSSA’s 20th anniversary!   Our intention is to run with this theme to bring the culture of Tibet to the people of SA.

We will  show films and exhibit some of Tibet’s Arts and hope to engage with other organisations to assist with this awareness.

The Tibetan struggle has been ongoing for years and years, but the Tibetans strength and values remain solid;  they are an example of how mankind should approach challenges and have the patience and perseverance to ‘never give up’;  hopefully through showing their arts and how they have sustained their cultural roots through very difficult and trying circumstances we can shift some mindsets to embrace their own lives in a more meaningful way;  self-centredness and self-interest is rife in our society and creates a greed-based society with little interest in others….   From an early age Tibetan children in exile attend the Tibetan Children’s Villages based in India, whose motto is ‘ Others before Self’….!!

When people realise how unique the Tibetan culture is, and how it promotes solid values, which have been lost in most Societies today, it will give them enough reason to be more supportive of the Tibetan cause…..   last year we approached a school in KZN whose children took Tibet as a research project;  what came out of it was fantastic;  they made mandalas, a dancing ‘dragon’, prayer flags with their own prayers of goodwill and even constructed a sand mandala which Geshe Lhakdor helped dismantle at the closing ceremony he attended. Those children really understood the Tibetan situation and were given carte blanche to research any aspect of Tibet that they fancied.  A really worthwhile project.

Please feel free to contact the Society if you have any interest in our projects, or wish to learn more about Tibet.